Endorsed by:

  • 32nd District Democrats
  • The Duwamish Tribe
  • State Representative Cindy Ryu
  • Will Hall, Mayor, City of Shoreline
  • Daigoro Toyoma, President, Pinehurst Community Council
  • Janine Blaeloch, walking and biking safety advocate
  • Dan Keefe, past Co-Chair, North District Council, past President, Meadowbrook Community Council
  • Brad Cummings, past Co-Chair, North District Council, past President, Victory Heights Community Council
  • Ruth Williams, past President, Thornton Creek Alliance
  • Don Thornton, board member, Haller Lake Community Club
  • Kelly McKinney, District 5 rabblerouser
  • And many other community leaders

I’m running for Seattle City Council to ensure that communities across District 5 have a true partner in their councilmember as they face issues of homelessness, community development, displacement from redevelopment, pedestrian safety, property crime, affordable housing, traffic, and many other pressures as Seattle’s growth spreads northward.

Last spring, when the City Council passed the employer head tax for homeless services unanimously and then repealed it 7-2 less than a month later, not one council member admitted a mistake.  Our own councilmember, Debora Juarez, provided no explanation for her reversal.  That’s not the leadership that our city and District 5 need.

I’ve been a community leader in District 5 for 17 years.  I live in the Northgate area, but through my work in the community I’ve gotten to know the needs and aspirations of people from Lake City to Aurora-Licton, from Maple Leaf to Broadview and Bitter Lake.

I’ve been an engaged, accessible, and responsive community leader, and I promise to bring that same leadership to District 5!

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