John is participating in the Democracy Voucher program!

In mid-February, every Seattle voter received four (4) $25 Democracy Vouchers to donate to a city council candidate of their choice. But candidates must qualify before they can accept the vouchers. To do so, candidates must collect 150 signatures of support and 150 donations of $10 or more. 


Want to return your vouchers? 
Fill them out with John Lombard’s name, your signature, and the date, and return them via mail to:
City of Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission
PO Box 35196
Seattle, WA 98124
You can also mail them to our campaign and we will submit them to the city:
Friends of John Lombard
PO Box 9100
Seattle, WA  98109
Prefer to have us pick up your vouchers? No problem. Email us at and let us know!
Didn’t receive your vouchers?
Every citizen and green card holder in Seattle is eligible for Democracy Vouchers, but vouchers were only mailed to registered voters. If you are eligible but didn’t receive them, you can apply to participate in the program here. If you received your Democracy Vouchers but lost them, you can get replacement vouchers here.
How can I give my vouchers?
You can give your vouchers to any City Council candidate who is participating the in program, even if you live in a different district. You can give all four vouchers to one candidate, or split them among four different candidates.
What are the rules?
Candidates who are participating in the Democracy Voucher Program have accepted the following requirements:
  • A cap on donations: The largest regular donation (not counting vouchers) that John can receive from any one entity is $250 (as opposed to $500 if he was not participating)
  • A limit on campaign spending: John’s campaign cannot spend more than $75,000 for the primary election, and $75,000 for the general election
  • John must participate in at least three candidate forums or debates before the primary election, and three more before the general election

Have more questions? Learn more about the Democracy Voucher Program on the Seattle Ethics and Elections website, here!

Can I still donate money?
Yes! You can still donate by card, cash or check to John’s campaign. Cash and check contributions can be sent to the campaign PO Box:
PO Box 9100 Seattle, WA 98109
Thanks for helping us reach more Seattle voters!