Where is District 5?

District 5 includes the following neighborhoods in Seattle: Aurora Licton, Bitter Lake, Broadview, Cedar Park, parts of Greenwood (shared between both Districts 5 & 6), Haller Lake, Lake City, Licton Springs, Little Brook, parts of Maple Leaf (shared between both Districts 4 & 5), Matthews Beach, Meadowbrook, North Park, Northgate, Olympic Hills, Pinehurst, Victory Heights, and parts of Wedgwood (shared between both Districts 4 & 5), among others. The graphic shows District 5 outlined in red. 

If you are unsure in which Council District you reside, you can look up your information on the City of Seattle website here. 

If you’d like a detailed precinct map of District 5, you can download one here from the City of Seattle’s website.